Delivery Information


A confirmation Invoice of purchase/s is sent to you.

On receipt of the invoice payment can then be made.


Payment methods within New Zealand.

All New Zealand Bank account holders can make payments via the following:-

1.   Direct On-line Banking to:- E.E.Hamm, National Bank of New Zealand,

      06  0493  0348514  00. Please place a reference.

2.   Any other option is considered.

Payment options for foreign Buyers

1.   Paypal using

2.   Any other option considered.


We endeavour to pack the your purchases suitably, sturdy, sealed

against climate intrusion for mint material and to the best sized envelope to suit.

Items ordered are sent once payment in full is received.

There is no extra charge for packing.

Shipping to any New Zealand address:-

Standard Mail 130 x 235mm² maximum 6mm thick – NZ$1.50

Best suited for one or two sets well sealed.

Standard Mail 165 x 235mm² maximum 10mm thick – NZ$2.80

Mostly used to combine multiple small lots or miniature sheets.

Postage for items for enveloped items e.g. stamps minisheets or FDCs

would be NZ$4.10.

Consultation is advised when hefty or high valued lots are purchased.


Shipping Overseas

Standard Air Mail to any destination - to your risk.

Size limit 130mm x 235mm x 10mm (200g) – NZ$3.60

Larger sized Letters to any destination - to your risk

Size limit 165mm x 235mm x 10mm (200g) - NZ$4.30

Size limit 260mm x 385mm x 10mm (200g) - NZ$6.50

If larger it is treated as a parcel - request postal rate confirmation.


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