This 10t on12t overprinted Pangolin value issued 1 August 1994 from the 1992 Animal Defintive set is mostly found used.

Superbly mint never hinged, top right 1C1C1C1C cylinder block of 4 with complete margins and traffic lights.

A seldom found hardly offered issue from a dismantled sheet (25 per sheet) ( as most were used in Booklets). Printed by Government Printer in Pretoria, South Africa.

Was overprinted due to non usage of the original 12t value and in addition had a short lifespan due to postal rate changes.

The Ground pangolin (Manis temminckii), also known as Temminck's Pangolin or the Cape Pangolin, is one of four species of pangolin which can be found in Africa and the only one in southern and eastern Africa.

Although it is present over quite a large area, it is rare throughout it and notoriously difficult to spot. Its scarcity is partly because it is hunted by humans for its scales, which are used in love charms, and partly because it is often burnt in bush fires. It is designated as an endangered species by the USA Fish and Wild life Service.

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1994 BOTSWANA 10t on 12t Pangolin Cyl 1C top right marginal corner block MNH

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